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In 2001 Francesca opened the doors of The Healing Source Therapeutic Massage, but the story of her involvement in the healing arts began long before then. She was raised in a family of health practitioners in France, and moved to Hawaii in 1991 to assist in her father’s Chiropractic clinic. Her experience in the clinic afforded her valuable insights into the healing process from a medical and clinical perspective. Since her graduation from the Honolulu School of Massage in 1994, she has integrated various bodywork modalities into her practice such as reflexology, clinical massage, kinesiology touch for health, Swedish massage , deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Lomi Lomi, aromatherapy massage, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage), Craniosacral therapy, and herbal medicine. Her extensive experience and her dedication to her clients serves to create an optimal environment for health and healing.

Geri Omni

Aloha, Ohana.

I am a licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga and Dance Teacher who enjoys combining several modalities in my work. My combined professional training spans over more than 20 years. I’ve studied and taught Dance and Yoga for most of my life and have a passion for working with the human body through the healing arts. I began studying Thai Massage with David Roma in 2017 and began studying Swedish Massage in 2019 at the Hawaii Massage Academy (HIMAC). I am certified in Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Lomi Lomi. I have also developed my own therapeutic techniques with my integrated knowledge of the body, how it moves, and how it heals. In my practice, I like to address the whole body, including the energy field, to encourage optimal health and natural healing. I offer various massage options as well as Private Yoga lessons and I find my clients benefit greatly from sessions which combine the two. In addition to single sessions, I specialize in Private Yoga and Thai Massage Combo sessions which inlcude a hands on Private Yoga lesson, along with meditation, followed by a healing Thai Massage. This is deeply informative and beneficial because my clients learn how to actively align their own body to prevent injury, improve mobility, circulation, digestion, etc. and then we solidify those teachings while my client passively receives my care during Thai Massage, often enjoying a deep release and sweet return to optimal health and bliss, which is our natural state.

I am feeling truly grateful to be practicing out of The Healing Source in Kailua and I look forward to connecting with you.

Kailua's Favorite

Premier Therapy

Every culture in recorded history has practiced manual therapy as an essential part of their traditional form of healthcare. Today, many people are turning to holistic practices to improve their lives. Therapeutic Massage is regarded as one of the most ancient and beneficial methods to naturally heal the body, mind and spirit.
The Healing Source
In downtown Kailua is designed to provide a nurturing and relaxing space where you can enjoy a unique therapeutic experience. Gifted therapists from diverse backgrounds practice in this clinic, bringing ancient and current modalities together to assist you in attaining optimal health and well-being.
We are part of a greater community of alternative health sources. When appropriate, we will recommend optional therapies to complement treatments in massage therapy, such as acupuncture, yoga, naturopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, and holistic counseling.
Kailua's Favorite

Our Mission

A weekly or monthly massage can change your life, renewing your tissues and soothing away old pains, while revitalizing your energy! We will also help you expand your awareness of the cleansing power of breath and the importance of alignment.
With these tools you can learn to stay healthy and happy. Your body will thank you down the line! Our hope is that we will be able to help you return to balance. A clear mind, a free and easy body, and a bright spirit are the gifts we like to see each patient walk away with!
Our Vision

You owe yourself this moment

The energy exchange that takes place during massage is an essential part of the lifestyles that people are creating for themselves in this century. We have begun the journey back to maintaining the health we are blessed with, instead of abusing our bodies until they are gone, then trying to conjure up ways to re-create them. The magic of the body is far from our imaginations! Given some positive attention, good rest, healthy food and exercise, it will regenerate miraculously!
Happy clients
Some Feedback From Happy Clients...


Susan W.

I run and my aching muscles feel much better after I visit The Healing Source in Kailua.

Over the years, I have visited many different massage centers, and I highly recommend this one!

Michele M.

Extremely accommodating. I got in the same day. I felt extremely comfortable as she is very professional and is a perfectionist at doing an excellent job.

It is evident she has been helping people with chronic pain or illness for a long time.

I would highly recommend this Massage therapist! I have booked a second appointment.

Kathleen B.

Francesca Caires, one of the owners, may have given me my all time best massage.

I have had regular massages, as in every 2 to 3 weeks, for the last 20 years. I've tried Thai, fancy hotels, Korean spas, etc.

However, Francesca can feel the pressure and lactic acid in your body. Combination trigger point, pressure point and Swedish.

Will go every time I'm in Kailua.

Diane H.

I do believe that my massage with Francesca last Friday the 12 Dec made a big difference in the pain I have had on my right foot heel since July!!!

Overall her whole flow and how her hands went to several of my trouble spots was wonderful.

I will see her again on my next visit (next year). Please go check her out!

Stephanie G.

I saw Franchesca today after calling to schedule a "same day" massage.

She was so willing to accommodate and did not fail with her services. Her pressure massage helped my back pain that I yearned to fix. She was able to release the the tension buildup that created all of the pain I've had this past week.

I will definitely be seeing her soon and bonus she's in Kailua! Thank you so much Franchesca! I recommend her to my friends!

Deb K.

The Healing Source has very experienced therapists and their massage technique is really therapeutic and almost medical.

She takes the time to really feel where there is tension in my muscles and explains to me what she is doing and how it will relieve pain and tension. She worked with chiropractors for many years and often gives me advice on when to see the chiropractor, stretches I can do at home, and how to prevent injury.

The healing source doesn't have the fancy spa atmosphere, but if you want a great truly therapeutic massage, the Healing Source is the place.

Relax while you are in Hawaii

You deserve the expert care of the Healing Source Kailua
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