Our services a range of therapeutic bodywork

At the Healing Source, we practice the art of holistic massage therapy and believe it to be an essential compliment to your health and overall vitality. It is helpful to anyone seeking pain relief, relaxation, and reconnection to the body. Our focus is on the whole being, not just isolated pain or physical discomfort. This integrative approach to health care values the mind-body-spirit connection and makes each treatment as unique as each of us are.

Experience a range of therapeutic bodywork, practiced with care, that may include various modalities such as: Swedish, Relaxation, Clinical, Medical, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lomi Lomi, Couples, and Pre-natal Massage; Acupressure, Reflexology, Energy Healing, and Aromatherapy.

Our skilled practitioners bring many years of experience and are committed to facilitating you on your personal journey in health and wellness.

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